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Gages: Metric & UNM Threads

Metric Thread Gages:  "UNM" series "United National Miniature" currently called "Unified Miniature Screw Thread" ANSI and or ISO sizes 0.50UNM to 1.40UNM   ISO / ANSI Sizes; M.5, to M3.0   Prices listed are for a single gage purchase. Discounting starts with purchase of on two or more gages at 5.0%, four or more 7.5% and order eight and more the discount is 10% off list prices.  Brand; MiniTaps made to our specification in Switzerland.  The purchase of these item Includes: the thread Gage, Handle with serial number engraved, and Certificate tied to the serial number with factory measurements and the thread standards.   Availability: If you can add to cart the item is in stock if not contact us. We often have gages already in our production schedule if not the lead time is around 2-3 months.