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Drill Bits: Wire & Metric

New Precision Micro-Grain Carbide Drill Bits    Sizes Metric diameters .425mm to 2.50mm and Wire sizes #77 to #45, Flute length: sizes .50 to .65mm 8.90mm and sizes .70 to 2.50mm 10.50mm, Drill Point 135°, Shank .125” / 3.18mm, Overall length 38mm /1.50”,  All bits have plastic size rings, Material Micro-Grain Carbide Grade ISO K20 /K30 ( We only sell new bits never resharpened and to specifications) 

Mix-N-Match Precision Micro-Grain Carbide Drill Bits    Any Sizes .50mm to 2.50mm

Pick the Drill bits and quantities your discount is determined by “Shopping Cart Total”  10 Pieces to 24 Net Discounted Price  $4.95 each,  25 Pieces to 49 Net Discounted Price $4.45 each 50 & more Net Discounted Price $4.25 each,  Discounts shown in “You’re Shopping Cart”    Plus FREE shipping on orders over $50.00 on prepaid orders